Best U.S. Bank credit cards

The Points Guy

When you think of the top credit card issuers, U.S. Bank sometimes gets overlooked in favor of Chase, American Express and Capital One. But U.S. Bank has a full credit card lineup that can provide a lot of value to your wallet. Today, we’ll walk through the top personal and business credit cards offered by... Continue Reading →

Automated E-mail w/ follow ups for Salesforce

Reddit Salesforce Community

Hi , I use Mailshake (also trying Woodpecker) currently as a E-mail marketing tool. I love the tool's ability to customize e-mails as well as a "set it and forget it" approach to follow ups, but deliverability can/has been an issue. I wanted to see if there was a solution that allows me to do... Continue Reading →

Leads resulting in NEW contacts?

Reddit Salesforce Community

Is there a way to track the new Accounts or Contacts that were CREATED from a lead? I.e. filtering out those that were merged with? Trying to show results of lead program that created new records in our dB. If they were already there, I don't want to see them. Thanks in advance! submitted by... Continue Reading →

Lightning Web Components Naming Convention

Amit Salesforce

In this post we will talk about Lightning Web Components Naming Convention rules. We will also talk about example of PascalCase, camelCase or kebab-case and how those naming convention rules works in LWC.Components BundlesLightning web component bundles include all below files by default. Its also have some Optional component like CSS, SVG Icon. Lets see... Continue Reading →

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