Points rich, cash poor: How to travel as a college student

The Points Guy

We’ve partnered with American Express to bring you personal finance news, advice and more. Check out Credit Intel, Amex’s financial education center, for more personal finance content. Between tuition, housing, books and other expenses, college students don’t have much, if any, discretionary spending to spend on travel. And between balancing classes, extracurricular activities and other... Continue Reading →

Lightning App Borders

Reddit Salesforce Community

I'm not entirely sure if it's possible, but does anyone know if Lightning Tabs can be formatted to be 'fullscreen' like Visualforce Tabs were? Example below https://i.imgur.com/xKje4Qa.png There doesn't seem to be any option available in the tab setup, using a custom page template still has the issue, and I'm not aware of anything that... Continue Reading →

Celebrating failures with FREE T-SHIRTS!

SFDC99 (David Liu)

The other day I was making a bunch of t-shirts and unfortunately the batch was a failure. That’s OK though! There’s nothing wrong with failing. A wise person once told me, You either pass, or you learn, and well, I think about that often. These days, it can be especially tough accepting your failures. And... Continue Reading →

5 Signs of a Healthy Student Journey

Target X

Student services professionals often fall into a trap. They see the pain points they’d like to improve upon, and develop some focused practices to try and improve in that area. They then evaluate their success based on how well they executed those practices, rather than gathering a holistic understanding of how well students are doing.... Continue Reading →

Before Save Flows and Apex Triggers Part 2

Bob Buzzard Blog

Before Save Flows and Apex Triggers Part 2 TL;DR Flows consume CPU time, but you might not find it easy to check how much. Introduction A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post about before save flows and triggers. It's fair to say that this caused some discussion in the Salesforce community. Salesforce themselves... Continue Reading →

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