How to Host a Successful Virtual Event


Virtual events have been around for a while. Virtual events can sound futuristic - create your own avatar and walk around an exhibit hall or attend a session. Or virtual events can sound lackluster - sit at your computer for 6 hours straight watching livestreams or reading powerpoint decks. The range of what virtual events... Continue Reading →

$ 15 for the first 5 Capture One reviews on Capterra

Reddit Salesforce Community

I recently wrote a review of Capture One Enterprise on Capterra (a software review site) and have been given a referral link to share with other Capture One Enterprise users through the Capterra Reviewer Referral Program. The first five people who write a high-quality review on Capture One Enterprise using my link will receive a... Continue Reading →

Low Tech? No Problem. Here are 3 Alternative Ways to Help Distance Learning Happen.


One big barrier to sustaining education via remote instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic has been students’ unequal access to advanced technology tools. Laptops and internet connections are not available in every household, and even students who usually have such resources available may now find themselves competing for them with siblings or parents studying or working... Continue Reading →

Training Ideas

Reddit Salesforce Community

Hi all, My firm is about to deploy Salesforce as a transition from an old database. I'm developing training for our employees, and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on an analogy to use to talk about objects, relationships, and affiliations (i.e. objects and how they're all interconnected). I know Trailhead and most SF... Continue Reading →

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