Merivis: Our Top 5 Highlights of 2019


To say it’s been an incredible year for Merivis would be an understatement. At our 2019 Board Retreat, I had “Merivis included in Dreamforce keynote” listed as a 5 year pipe dream, who would have known that 12 months later that dream and dozens of other milestones would have true with the help of an... Continue Reading →

Salesforce Report Parameters in a Community URL

Salesforce Chris

Recently I was working with a colleague on an interesting client request. The client had a custom report built to show quote line data. Internally, they used the common URL parameter functionality provided by Salesforce. They created a custom button to pass in the Quote Id, which filtered the report results. This is simple to... Continue Reading →

100 Days of Trailhead: #100DaysOfLearning


We’re partnering with the rad folks at WITDEVS to promote 100 Days of Trailhead, a challenge and competition designed to inspire and motivate you to kickstart your professional goals in 2020. Learn more on the 100 Days of Trailhead website.Join Top Trailblazers so Your Progress is Counted!By Marisa Lopez, Amplify board presidentFellow learner, we are... Continue Reading →

4 Essential Roles of an Awesome Admin

Brainiate.Show (David Giller)

If you relish the thought of being to go-to Salesforce expert, then Salesforce consultant Heather Black of Supermums. org has some fascinating thoughts on what will make you an awesome admin, and tricks and tips to get you there! The 4 Essential Roles First off, I like to think that...

Monthly Cloud Security Roundup: The 2019 Dreamforce Conference, Microsoft’s Response to CCPA, a Potential US Federal Privacy Law, and More

Each month, we’ll bring you some of the most compelling cloud and Salesforce security-related stories from the last four weeks. In this post, we discuss a potential federal privacy law, the 2019 Dreamforce conference, Microsoft’s response to CCPA, and more. Salesforce’s 2019 Dreamforce conference draws thousands, fosters trust movement November was a busy month for... Continue Reading →

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