New Flow Features in Spring 20

New Flow Features in Spring 20 The Spring 20 release is coming to most Salesforce customers on February 15. It’s one of the three annual releases put out by Salesforce. This release there’s some really big improvements coming to the Flow automation system. This video I’ll show off some of the ones I’m looking forward... Continue Reading →


What is OneCPQ and Why do You Need It

The Dresh Online

One thing most people in the tech world probably understand is that CPQ is short for Configure, Price, Quote. One thing that many people may not fully understand is what that means. One thing a CPQ application enables for its users is the ability to customize product offerings to their customers. One more thing a... Continue Reading →

Get Certified: 91% of Salesforce Professionals Consider Certifications a Factor Impacting Earning Potential

Focus on Force

When you work with a technology as fast-moving as Salesforce, it’s incredibly important to read independent research on the ecosystem to ensure you’re steering your career in the right direction.As a Salesforce education provider, it’s really helpful for us to find out where a typical professional struggles in their learning journey and how we can... Continue Reading →

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