Strategies to strengthen your services organization


Services leaders serious about improving financial health and driving successful projects should start by addressing internal, organizational weaknesses. These could be project planning mistakes that compromise your margins or a disconnected infrastructure that hinders service delivery. In many cases, you may not know you have these issues, but addressing them will lead to big results.... Continue Reading →

Four Salesforce Insurance Trends to Watch in 2020

CRM Science

Insurance executives are trying to keep up with the rapidly changing marketplace. A 2018 Novarica study found that 63% of insurers planned to migrate to cloud-based systems in 2019, and that number continues to rise in 2020 for insurance companies that haven’t already made the switch. With such a high percentage of insurance companies currently... Continue Reading →

Breaking: Sweeping CMS Measures


Increasing hospital capacity Normally, hospitals are required to administrate services in their own buildings. CMS is now allowing hospitals to provide services in additional locations, especially for patients requiring ventilators or intensive care. This is meant to support the temporary sites that are being built to ensure hospital systems don’t exceed capacity. Additionally, medicare coverage... Continue Reading →

What’s wrong with my JavaScript Code

Apex Hours

JavaScript is an essential part of programming on the Salesforce platform. However, since it is dynamic and loosely typed, it is prone to programmer errors. Common mistakes can lead to pull-out-your-hair issues and bad coding practices not only affect the performance, but the security of your apps and data as well. In this session, you’ll... Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Create an Account-Centric ABM Strategy


To be, or not to be account-based.  In the profound words of The Wharton School’s Peter Fader, author of Customer Centricity: Focus on the Right Customers for Strategic Advantage,  “Every customer deserves the same respect, but not the same attention.”   Don’t agree? Maybe you feel all customers should be treated the same.  Well, think... Continue Reading →

The Unpredictable Curve of COVID-19


Editor’s note: Amanda Makulec is joining as an advisor to the Coronavirus Data Resource Hub. As both a Masters of Public Health and the Operations Director for the Data Visualization Society, she’s an expert in the responsible use of data visualization for public health. She will be helping the Tableau team identify data resources, curate... Continue Reading →

Supporting Families During COVID-19 


Businesses across the country are moving their practices online as a result of the spreading COVID-19 pandemic. Childcare facilities, K-12 schools, and universities are moving their curriculums to a virtual environment as a way of reducing the risk of exposure and spread of the coronavirus. With these sudden changes, working families across the nation are faced with the daily challenge of balancing work, childcare, and personal care, while still maintaining proper social distancing. Let us assure you... Continue Reading →

Secrets for Interoperability Success

Bridge Connector

During a Bridge Connector HIMSSatHome webinar, our panel of experts delivered insider secrets for interoperability success. Shari Matkin, Director of Implementations, previously managed integrations for a durable medical equipment company and helped them scale app integrations from zero to over 100. Not often in life do you get the opportunity for redos professionally. But Shari... Continue Reading →

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