Month: March 2021

Torchlite Transforms Partner Relationship Management

Torchlite INDIANAPOLIS (March 30, 2021) – Torchlite expands marketplace platform to transform Channel Partner relationship management. Torchlite, the freelance marketplace, today announced the launch of the Torchlite Partner Engagement Platform, an innovative SaaS solution designed after talking to hundreds of…

Getting started with Surveys

MiraForce In today’s market, customer satisfaction is first priority for every business. Do you know, how you can provide better customer service and collect the feedback, experiences, preferences, wants and needs of your customers. Survey in Salesforce is great tool…

Login Flow Deployment

Meighan Rocks SF Update for Login Flow Deployments with Spring 21 and their new availability in the metadata API making them deployable! The post Login Flow Deployment appeared first on Salesforce Experience: OWD – Public Read/Write/Transfer.

How Do Objects Relate to Each Other in Salesforce?

This is a short clip from a previous live QA session. I noticed several related questions around how objects relate to one another in Salesforce. There was some confusion around the Lead Conversion process stated in those questions, so I…

Naming Roles and Profiles, Best Practices

In this video I show you the Best practices for naming roles and profiles inside of Salesforce! For naming roles and profiles, such as should you use ‘rep’ or ‘representative’? I don’t know that there’s necessarily a best practice. I…

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A Special Announcement is Coming

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Episode 28 – A 2021 Reunion Story

Campfire Stories with Stacy Cogswell To celebrate three years of Campfire Stories, we’ve asked our alumni to return and share what’s happening in their lives. Join Justice and Stacey as they catch up with Aaron, Nick, Melisa, and more in…

Congapalooza II