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Phishing 101: How It Works & What to Look For

Spanning Blog Phishing is today’s biggest cybersecurity threat: 90% of incidents that end in a data breach start with a phishing email. It is the delivery system of choice for malware like ransomware and the gateway to an array of…

How to Set Up Gmail in Microsoft Outlook

Spanning Blog Microsoft Outlook and Gmail have always been seen as two separate entities pitting themselves against each other for ages. Scour the web and you will find thousands of articles on Outlook vs. Gmail even though it’s like comparing apples to oranges….

OwnBackup is Sponsoring London’s Calling 2021

Own {backup} The Salesforce community is known for being a great place for Salesforce users to learn, grow and connect with fellow Trailblazers. But it’s also becoming known for hosting some incredible events. One of the most popular being London’s…


Techforce Services TOP-5 SALESFORCE SECURITY BEST PRACTICES A survey of IT leaders at organisations with more than a billion dollars in revenue revealed that unauthorised user access was their #1 concern. Most organisations are often perturbed about unauthorised user access…

How Quickly Could You Recover Lost Salesforce Data?

Own {backup} Everywhere you turn, stories about business continuity, disaster recovery, and IT resilience seem to be popping up. While these terms aren’t interchangeable, there is a constant component in each one: backup and recovery.

Get military-grade data security with universal two-factor authentication from Odaseva

ODASEVA Passwords aren’t enough to protect user accounts today. In a world of constant and sophisticated threats to account security, especially during the COVID era where many are working from home, an extra layer of protection is necessary to safeguard…

Your Guide to Exchange Online

Spanning Blog Email is still one of the most important and effective communication tools that businesses have today. Everyday, millions of emails are exchanged both internally among employees in an organization and externally among companies, customers, prospects and business partners….