Types of Backup: Understanding Full, Differential, and Incremental Backup

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A system failure wipes out all your data, corruption renders your data useless, an error leads to permanent deletion. Remember: Data loss always sneaks up on you.   The only way to tackle data loss incidents is by putting a solid backup strategy in place. In fairness, most companies today do back up their data rather diligently. Yet, one-third of them experience problems... Continue Reading →

Securing a Remote Workforce: Learn How to Protect Your At-Risk Salesforce Data


With the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic, teams across all industries are switching to a fully remote workforce with little notice. Because everything is moving so quickly, many organizations haven’t had time to implement proper Salesforce security controls for remote workers. Unfortunately, this creates massive security gaps and opens your organization up to significant risk.... Continue Reading →

Odaseva Technical Architect Named Salesforce MVP


  Susannah St-Germain was recently named a Salesforce MVP along with 32 other dynamic and impressive Salesforce experts. Salesforce MVP selections recognize community leaders who go above and beyond to be there for others in the Trailblazer Community.  Susannah’s Story: From Musician to Salesforce MVP Susannah takes inspiration from her background and training, which was... Continue Reading →

Uncertain Times Cast a Spotlight on Business Continuity

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Across the globe, organizations of all shapes and sizes are faced with unprecedented challenges. The realities of the current situation have caused us all to react quickly and decisively, from mandating work-from-home policies and restricting non essential employee travel, to canceling large events and postponing business initiatives. During this time, the most important thing is... Continue Reading →

6 ways attackers are exploiting the COVID-19 crisis


Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the coronavirus crisis to spread malware, disrupt operations, sow doubt and make a quick buck. By Dan Swinhoe, CSO Online While organizations can take plenty of steps to ensure employees are well-equipped to work remotely in a secure manner, threat actors of all stripes are already taking advantage of the COVID19/coronavirus situation.... Continue Reading →

A security guide for pandemic planning: 7 key steps


Bob Voilino, contributing writer of CSO.online outlines the 7 suggested best practices for corporate pandemic planning from a security standpoint. 1. Start preparing for a pandemic early Organizations early on should review their existing business continuity, emergency management and risk communications plans, says Nitin Natarajan, principal at Cadmus, a domestic preparedness advisory firm. That includes... Continue Reading →

Is Gmail Swinging the Vote for President? Not a Chance

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The right message, right time and right person rings truer than ever when it comes to email deliverability. Inbox providers like Gmail leverage technology to improve relevancy and experience, which has proved challenging for some presidential candidates to overcome, writes, Tom Sather is a Senior Director of Marketing Validity. You may have recently read the report from The Markup... Continue Reading →

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