Before Save Flows and Apex Triggers Part 2

Bob Buzzard Blog

Before Save Flows and Apex Triggers Part 2 TL;DR Flows consume CPU time, but you might not find it easy to check how much. Introduction A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post about before save flows and triggers. It's fair to say that this caused some discussion in the Salesforce community. Salesforce themselves... Continue Reading →

Using Salesforce CLI Output and Scripting

Salesforce Developers Blog

Over the past few years the Salesforce CLI became widely adopted as the preferred tool for developers to interact with Salesforce. As we constantly improve our tooling this also brings some changes, like how you should parse CLI output. This blog introduces changes that are coming with Spring ’20, and how you can adopt them.... Continue Reading →

Apex Dev Hours Contest

Apex Hours

An age old saying goes “The fruits of hard work are sweet” however at #ApexHours we believe that the fruits of your own hard-work are the sweetest and we want the attendees of Apex Hours for Student program to experience this! Letting the cat out of the bag… So, we tried answering the million dollar... Continue Reading →

Salesforce CLI Plugins – Not Just for DevOps

Apex Hours

The vast majority of use cases you’ll see for Salesforce CLI plugins are around managing metadata or data migration. The CLI is also a full-fledged REST client and with the right plugin can be the command line front end for an application that uses Salesforce as a database. In Apex Hours session We’ll introduce CLI plugins... Continue Reading →

Spring 20 Default Record Create Values

Bob Buzzard Blog

Spring 20 Default Record Create Values Introduction Spring 20 introduces something rather reminiscent of URL hacks - the capability to provide default values when creating a record via URL parameters.  Not quite the same though -  for one thing this is a supported mechanism, whereas we were constantly warned against using URL hacks in Classic... Continue Reading →

Enforce Security With the stripInaccessible Method

Amit Salesforce

In this post we will talk about the new way to enforce the security in apex with stripInaccessible() method. From Winter 20, stripInaccessible() security feature for field-level data protection is available for beta in production. In winter 20 Salesforce extended the feature and added enum value UPSERTABLE to System.AccessType. stripInaccessible() is useful to strip the... Continue Reading →

Order of execution in Salesforce

Amit Salesforce

We did one session in apex hours of How to become an Order of Execution Hero. In that session we did one deep drive in Salesforce Order of execution and covered some interview question on order of execution. Save Order of Execution is the most important factor in designing sustainable and scalable applications. When you... Continue Reading →

Mastering Visual Studio and Salesforce DX

Jitendra Zaa's Blog

I’m delighted to announce new Udemy course Mastering Visual Studio & Salesforce DX recorded by me and my friend Amit Chaudhary. This course is for This course is for you if answer to any of below question is yes New Salesforce Developer and wondering how Visual Studio and Salesforce DX fits together Salesforce Admin who... Continue Reading →

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