Lightning Web Components Naming Convention

Amit Salesforce

In this post we will talk about Lightning Web Components Naming Convention rules. We will also talk about example of PascalCase, camelCase or kebab-case and how those naming convention rules works in LWC.Components BundlesLightning web component bundles include all below files by default. Its also have some Optional component like CSS, SVG Icon. Lets see... Continue Reading →

What’s wrong with my JavaScript Code

Apex Hours

JavaScript is an essential part of programming on the Salesforce platform. However, since it is dynamic and loosely typed, it is prone to programmer errors. Common mistakes can lead to pull-out-your-hair issues and bad coding practices not only affect the performance, but the security of your apps and data as well. In this session, you’ll... Continue Reading →

Episode 23: Web Component Development with David Norris

Salesforce Developers Blog

Today, I sit down and talk with David Norris, Solution Engineer for Salesforce, about web component development. We specifically discuss his experiences in building a complex and highly visible lightning web component in the form of a timeline that renders a visualization for related data like events, tasks, and opportunities. In this episode, we break... Continue Reading →

Inconsiderate Namespaces

Good DaySirShow, a Salesforce Podcast

this episode, we discuss working from home, long-winded namespaces, recent news, and looking for different ways to engage with the community. Episode Links Defense Department to 'reconsider' $10 billion cloud-computing award to Microsoft - MarketWatch Salesforce hires former banker Arundhati Bhattacharya as chairperson and CEO of India business | TechCrunch Addapptation snares $1.3M seed to... Continue Reading →

Salesforce Developer Training Free

Amit Salesforce

Want to become a Salesforce Developer ? Here is Free Salesforce Training for beginners. We are glad that we did one step by step Salesforce developer training for beginners and recorded. More then 2400 student registered in this ApexHours Training and learned apex across the world.Salesforce Developer are one of the best paid resources in... Continue Reading →

Seasonal Wools

Good DaySirShow, a Salesforce Podcast

Simple Sharing Page A clean, simple landing page with an embedded HTML5 audio player

Before Save Flows and Apex Triggers Part 2

Bob Buzzard Blog

Before Save Flows and Apex Triggers Part 2 TL;DR Flows consume CPU time, but you might not find it easy to check how much. Introduction A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post about before save flows and triggers. It's fair to say that this caused some discussion in the Salesforce community. Salesforce themselves... Continue Reading →

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