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Good Day, Sir! Show, a Salesforce Podcast

Learn MOAR in Winter ’22 with Mobile Enhancements

Salesforce Developers Blog

Learn MOAR in Winter ’22 with Release Highlights for Developers

Salesforce Developers Blog We want to help you discover the amazing new features for admins and developers that come with our Winter ’22 release. It’s easy to get started: Dive into the Learn MOAR trailmixes on Trailhead with the key…

How to Automate Data Extraction from Salesforce Using Python

Salesforce Developers Blog Analysts frequently come across the need to automate the data extraction process from Salesforce objects in order to conduct data analysis or build dashboards locally. Prior to automation, the analysts in my organization had to take the…

Point & Click Based Integration Between Facebook Messenger And Salesforce In 5 Minutes

Jitendra Zaa’s Blog Yes, you have read it right. We would be integrating Salesforce & Facebook Messenger within 5 minutes without writing any single like of code. This impossible task of integrating two systems seamlessly is done by Digital Engagement….

Enable SMS In Salesforce Using Digital Engagement

Jitendra Zaa’s Blog Amazon, Apple, Google, etc all trillion-dollar companies, what do they have in common? Their obsession for customer service & keeping customers at the center of your business. It’s not only about trillion-dollar companies, but also medium and…

The certificate associated with the consumer key has expired

Bob Buzzard Blog This week a couple of my continuous integration builds started failing. This in itself isn’t unusual – these are typically end to end builds that create scratch orgs, set up standing data, run a bunch of tests,…

Still Pissed Off at the Web

Good Day, Sir! Show, a Salesforce Podcast

5 Steps to increase your chances of passing Certified Technical Architect – CTA Certification

Jitendra Zaa’s Blog As you may have observed, I was on hiatus for the last few months and the reason for that was CTA exam preparation. The purpose of this blog post is to share my experience and motivate you…

Why Pardot Marketing Automation and Lead Generation Benefits Your Business?

SFDC Monkey Streamline marketing and you can make significant progress. Let’s also review why lead generation is essential both for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and big businesses. Eventually, our society understands […] The post Why Pardot Marketing Automation and…