4 Items on Instructure’s To-Do List After the Sale of the Canvas LMS Provider


Even without a pandemic, Instructure faced a transformative 2020. The learning management system provider—best known for its Canvas product popular among colleges—is officially under private equity ownership. One of the benefits of this change is a focus on long-term planning over displays of quarterly growth to impress shareholders, says Mitch Benson, the company’s chief product... Continue Reading →

A New (Temporary?) Normal for Higher Ed

Next: The Future of Higher Education

(Jeff Selingo)

“The task at hand...is enormous, complex, and unprecedented in American higher education.” That might sound like a line from a news article about how colleges and universities are responding to the coronavirus pandemic. But it’s actually something I wrote about colleges in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. It appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education... Continue Reading →

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