Four Salesforce Insurance Trends to Watch in 2020

CRM Science

Insurance executives are trying to keep up with the rapidly changing marketplace. A 2018 Novarica study found that 63% of insurers planned to migrate to cloud-based systems in 2019, and that number continues to rise in 2020 for insurance companies that haven’t already made the switch. With such a high percentage of insurance companies currently... Continue Reading →

Westmont College Navigates COVID-19 with Lessons Learned from Natural Disasters

By: Zak Landrum, Senior Director of Advancement Services at Westmont College In 2017 and 2018, Westmont College experienced back-to-back natural disasters. The Thomas Fire, which started 40 miles from Westmont’s campus in Montecito, churned ahead of firefighters as it worked its way up the California coast, eventually becoming the largest in California history. The devastating... Continue Reading →

Profiles in Personalization: Bucket Studio’s Jeffrey MacIntyre


We’re excited to share the next feature in our “Profiles in Personalization” series – with keen insights coming to you from Jeffrey MacIntyre.  A long-time personalization expert and aficionado, Jeff is a New York-based consultant specializing in personalization, experience optimization and content operations. Jeff writes Bucket List, a newsletter of tales from the trenches of... Continue Reading →

Be a Security-Minded Admin

Admins Podcast

Understanding the basics of security is critically important to being an #AwesomeAdmin. As a steward of valuable data, you have the opportunity to be an important asset to your company by managing it with security in mind. Increasing your own cybersecurity knowledge allows you to play a role in not only safeguarding your company’s data... Continue Reading →

Spring 20 Ideas Delivered

Arukus Blog

23 ideas have been delivered in this release. It’s actually one more idea than Winter ‘20 (22), however, the points are a lot lower than the last release at 136,250 (Winter ‘20 was 215,130). Regardless of these comparisons, sometimes less is more, here are some of my favorite ideas delivered in this release. Power Up... Continue Reading →

How Tulane University Quickly Shifted to a Virtual Campus

A Q&A with Tulane University Senior Associate Dean, Amjad Ayoubi Many colleges and universities define themselves by their vibrant on-campus cultures, bringing together students from diverse backgrounds to live and learn in a shared space. In this unprecedented time, higher education institutions are facing a unique set of challenges and grappling with a new off-campus... Continue Reading →

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