8 Steps to Protect Your Student and Alumni Data


By: Gina Marques, CRM Manager, OwnBackup By storing your data in Salesforce.org Education Cloud, universities and colleges can provide students, alumni, and faculty with connected experiences across communication channels and departments. Students no longer have to spend all day waiting in lines to register for courses, to discuss financial aid options, and to sign up... Continue Reading →

Cloud for Good Named a Great Place to Work for 6th Year


Asheville, North Carolina – February 11, 2019 – Cloud for Good has again earned Great Place to Work Certification for the 6th year in a row. Employees responded to more than 60 survey questions anonymously rating their employers.  “We are overjoyed to see Cloud for Good certified as 6-time Great Place to Work. I truly believe that in our organization, our biggest asset is our... Continue Reading →

Infographic: Tips for data-powered dashboards


The success of your business is rooted in its Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and your ability to execute on these goals. Salesforce can help you monitor your KPIs through the utilization of data-powered dashboards, customized to match your unique needs. If you’re already using Salesforce to support and monitor your KPI goals, you’re on the... Continue Reading →

Fonteva Awarded Patent for Fonteva Framework


The unique Fonteva Framework simplifies app management and enables easier integrations Arlington, Virginia (February 11, 2020) – Fonteva is proud to announce the receipt of a patent for the Fonteva Framework, which was first made available on Salesforce AppExchange in 2015. The Fonteva Framework provides developers a platform, built on Salesforce, to manage and develop... Continue Reading →

Reciprocal Status Updates on Related Records (Part 1: Update Related Records when Parent Record is Updated)

Orgs That Overcome

The Scenario: Part of tracking our supplies inventory is tracking our supplies Requisitions (our staff’s requests for supplies). Each Requisition has Requisition Line Items (the supplies being requested) in a master-detail relationship. A Requisition can be partially fulfilled, that is, some Requisition Line Items can be approved and some can be rejected. But if the... Continue Reading →

Salesforce Marketing Cloud – January 2020 Release Notes Highlights


That’s right. You knew this moment would come again. You’ve wanted it. you’ve waited for it – another Salesforce Marketing Cloud release! But with so much to read, let me tell you about things I think are notable and break it down for you in more digestible bites.  Campaigns Campaigns Approvals End of Life  Campaign Approvals are being retired. But don’t fret,... Continue Reading →

It’s Affordability, Stupid

Next: The Future of Higher Education

(Jeff Selingo)

The coming decline in the number of high-school graduates might be grabbing all the headlines, but there’s a related threat facing higher ed in the decade ahead not discussed as much: the affordability crisis.Perhaps it’s because after decades of talking about rising college prices. we’ve become numb to the issue. The big picture: The average sticker price of tuition,... Continue Reading →

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