3 Ways to Create an Account-Centric ABM Strategy


To be, or not to be account-based.  In the profound words of The Wharton School’s Peter Fader, author of Customer Centricity: Focus on the Right Customers for Strategic Advantage,  “Every customer deserves the same respect, but not the same attention.”   Don’t agree? Maybe you feel all customers should be treated the same.  Well, think... Continue Reading →

The Freemium Business Model – Alan Percy – Hard Corps Marketing Show #139

The Hard Corps Marketing Show

The value of marketing cannot be measured solely on quantitative results and KPIs. Marketing needs to build a brand, stimulate interest, and construct buyer loyalty. Marketing Thought Leader, Podcaster, Speaker, and the CMO of TelcoBridges, Alan Percy, challenges departments around marketing to not just think of the department’s success as equal input, equal output. He... Continue Reading →

The Mission Aligned Content Process – Deborah Ager – Hard Corps Marketing Show #138

The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Without putting the time in to develop a cohesive focus for your content, messages can get sprinkled throughout an organization without consistency, resulting in misaligned efforts and missed opportunities for engagement. Writer, Mentor, Coach, Editor, and Writing Mentor at Radiant Media Labs, Deborah Ager, walks marketers through the process to develop content that aligns with... Continue Reading →

A Q&A with TaskRay’s UX/UI Designer, Michael DeMarco


In this latest edition of our multi-part blog series on the important people behind TaskRay’s products, we are focusing on user experience design. Learn how our UX/UI Designer, Michael DeMarco, strives to provide a customer onboarding solution that emphasizes usability, social principles and an agile approach by listening thoughtfully to our user base to collaborate... Continue Reading →

Apttus Continuity and COVID-19: What to Expect


During this challenging time, Apttus is committed to doing everything we can to protect the interests of our customers, employees, business partners, and families. Our valued customers, in particular, can take comfort in knowing that we’re working to safeguard all business functions so that our applications and services continue to operate at 100%. We want... Continue Reading →

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