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Creating a Pardot Spam Identification Process with Prospect Updater

The Spot For Pardot Spam and junk data is the bane of my Pardot Admin existence. Nothing irks me more than seeing sales was notified of a form fill from, or that was added to an engagement program….

Troops Helps Customer Success Teams Use Slack and Microsoft Teams to Realize the Full Value of Gainsight

Troops We are excited to announce that Troops now officially integrates into Gainsight, the leading customer success management SaaS platform.   Using Troops, Gainsight customers can now use Slack or Microsoft Teams to enter information into Gainsight, as well as…

Power Up Salesforce Pardot with These AppExchange Apps

Pardot This piece was originally published by AppExchange on Medium. Our community knows that AppExchange is all about doing more with Salesforce. Whether you’re looking for a solution with no code, low code, or lots of code, AppExchange is the…

Apple’s New Privacy Features: What to Expect and How Pardot Customers Can Adapt

Pardot At Salesforce Pardot, we go out of our way to be a privacy champion, providing you the marketing tools you need to be compliant and putting ethics and trust at the forefront of our values. For example: Pardot doesn’t…

5 Skills All Successful Sales Leaders Share

SalesLoft What does it take to become a great sales leader?  Sure, it takes hard work, experience, and the right timing. But there’s more to it than that. There’s a required skillset, not unique to sales specifically, but widely found…

Securing Marketing Cloud Apps hosted on CloudPages

In one of my previous posts, Simple Marketing Cloud App hosted on a CloudPage, I have outlined a solution for creating apps for use in Marketing Cloud and hosting them on CloudPages. While you can choose to hide a CloudPage from…

MobilePush: Wait Until Push Engagement

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How Financial Services Teams Benefit from Sales Engagement

SalesLoft Financial services sales have changed. Your clients are savvier than ever, with all the information they could ever need online. By the time they have a first conversation with a rep or producer, it’s likely they’ve talked to peers,…

Interaction Studio: Experience Cloud Integration

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Datorama Insights for Slack

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