5 Reasons to Love Personalization


It’s Valentine’s Day – and whether you love the holiday, dread it or tolerate it, love is in the air (along with the bordering-on-overpowering smell of roses and chocolates). Mixed in with the red and pink cards, grinning plush animals and mushy sentiments is an opportunity to express who and what you love. And nothing... Continue Reading →

Announcing the 2020 Tableau Zen Masters


Eight years ago, a team at Tableau started a customer recognition program. They called it the Zen Masters. At its inception, Tableau Evangelist Andy Cotgreave wrote, "The Tableau Zen Master program recognises exceptional contributions to the community from our best experts. It is not just a recognition program—it’s about leadership. We want to cultivate a... Continue Reading →

Personalization Results from 3 Leading Companies


Part of the power of personalization is that it lets you treat others the way you’d like to be treated. And when we think about our own good digital experiences and valuable brand interactions, they’re typically timely, hassle-free and relevant. Personally, I like getting recommendations for items that map to my interests, and I get... Continue Reading →

PostgreSQL 12 Generally Available on Heroku


After a successful evaluation period, PostgreSQL 12 is now the default version for new Heroku Postgres databases and an available upgrade for existing databases. I want to emphasize a few key changes and improvements in Postgres 12: Native Table Partitioning Concurrent Operations Native Partitioning was introduced in PostgreSQL 10 and performance improvements for improved parallel... Continue Reading →

Driving Exceptional Customer Experience and Growth within the Health & Life Sciences Industry


The health & life sciences (HLS) industry is defined by continuous change. New competition– from holistic and homeopathic providers to wellness and healthcare mobile apps–are constantly surfacing, new regulations and policies are emerging, and payment models are always in flux. Marketers across providers, payers, medical devices & diagnostics, and pharmaceutical companies are all striving to... Continue Reading →

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