Journey to PD1 certification

Super Mums

Watch Graham’s video with Abigail as he discusses how he became an accidental Admin turned Technical Consultant on his journey to gaining his PD1 certification. He shares why it’s such a useful cert and gives some top tips on content, studying and preparing for the exam. Watch Graham's video here   Want to know more... Continue Reading →

Day in the life of a Supermum: Ada

Super Mums

Do you want to hear from someone who has been through our Admin course and is now in work? Would you like to find out what motivated others to take the course and how they found it? Join us for a webinar with Ada, a graduate of the Supermums Administrator course who is now working... Continue Reading →

You Are Not Alone: A Love Letter to Amplify


A message from Amplify board president Marisa Lopez:You are not alone. We are facing unprecedented circumstances, together. And during this time, the Amplify Community is here for YOU. (Yes, you.) We are here to listen to your worries, your grief, your anxiety, in truly unpredictable times. We want to know how you are feeling, what... Continue Reading →

Back to Basics: Process Automation Specialist

100 Days of Trailhead

This is a guest post by: Kelly Walker For this track of 100 Days of Trailhead, we focused on the basics of automating repetitive processes in Salesforce to learn more about automation in Salesforce and prepare you to tackle the Process Automation Specialist Superbadge. If you have been following this Back to Basics series, you... Continue Reading →

Get Certified: 91% of Salesforce Professionals Consider Certifications a Factor Impacting Earning Potential

Focus on Force

When you work with a technology as fast-moving as Salesforce, it’s incredibly important to read independent research on the ecosystem to ensure you’re steering your career in the right direction.As a Salesforce education provider, it’s really helpful for us to find out where a typical professional struggles in their learning journey and how we can... Continue Reading →

Focus on People: Jim Vineyard – From Zero to Hero

Focus on Force

Jim Vineyard knew nothing about CRM before he explored Salesforce, as part of an account he took on for Customer Service. ​Working with his son in the same company, doing the same job, he navigated through Salesforce and learned a whole new world of custom CRM, and Customer Service functionalities, never before possible for him, in... Continue Reading →

Merivis: Our Top 5 Highlights of 2019


To say it’s been an incredible year for Merivis would be an understatement. At our 2019 Board Retreat, I had “Merivis included in Dreamforce keynote” listed as a 5 year pipe dream, who would have known that 12 months later that dream and dozens of other milestones would have true with the help of an... Continue Reading →

100 Days of Trailhead: #100DaysOfLearning


We’re partnering with the rad folks at WITDEVS to promote 100 Days of Trailhead, a challenge and competition designed to inspire and motivate you to kickstart your professional goals in 2020. Learn more on the 100 Days of Trailhead website.Join Top Trailblazers so Your Progress is Counted!By Marisa Lopez, Amplify board presidentFellow learner, we are... Continue Reading →

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