Back to Basics Automation: Flow February 2020

100 Days of Trailhead

This is a guest post by: Kelly Walker Loops, integrations and metadata, oh my! When you are just getting started with Flow, those may not be the first things you tackle. Instead, work to understand the basics! Last month, we talked about building your simple if/then statement and understanding the repetitive processes that you could... Continue Reading →

Day in the life: David

Super Mums

David is one of our fantastic Superdads! Find out how he got on with the course and all about his new career as a Solutions Consultant David, now 4 x certified will share his Salesforce learning journey: he went from user, to Admin to certified Consultant. He now works flexibly, splitting his time between visiting... Continue Reading →

Get Certified: 91% of Salesforce Professionals Consider Certifications a Factor Impacting Earning Potential

Focus on Force

When you work with a technology as fast-moving as Salesforce, it’s incredibly important to read independent research on the ecosystem to ensure you’re steering your career in the right direction.As a Salesforce education provider, it’s really helpful for us to find out where a typical professional struggles in their learning journey and how we can... Continue Reading →

Merivis: Our Top 5 Highlights of 2019


To say it’s been an incredible year for Merivis would be an understatement. At our 2019 Board Retreat, I had “Merivis included in Dreamforce keynote” listed as a 5 year pipe dream, who would have known that 12 months later that dream and dozens of other milestones would have true with the help of an... Continue Reading →

100 Days of Trailhead: #100DaysOfLearning


We’re partnering with the rad folks at WITDEVS to promote 100 Days of Trailhead, a challenge and competition designed to inspire and motivate you to kickstart your professional goals in 2020. Learn more on the 100 Days of Trailhead website.Join Top Trailblazers so Your Progress is Counted!By Marisa Lopez, Amplify board presidentFellow learner, we are... Continue Reading →

[email protected]: Community Session Round Up!


This year, Amplify is excited to feature a list of Dreamforce 2019 sessions led or co-presented by Amplify community members, allies, and accomplices! The Amplify @ Dreamforce Session Round Up features 19 incredible sessions spanning topics and themes for administrators, developers, architects, and consultants alike. Learn from Salesforce leaders right here in our growing network... Continue Reading →

Transitioning from the Military into a Salesforce Career – David Scott Nava MBA, PMP, CSM, LSSBB

Mike Wheeler Media

David Scott Nava MBA, PMP, CSM, LSSBB shares insights and resources on how veterans can plan their transition out of the military and into the private sector. David mentions Vetforce and the Merivis Foundation as two key resources he has leveraged, in addition to my training courses and Trailhead, to attain his Salesforce Administrator certification,... Continue Reading →

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