Automated E-mail w/ follow ups for Salesforce

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Hi , I use Mailshake (also trying Woodpecker) currently as a E-mail marketing tool. I love the tool's ability to customize e-mails as well as a "set it and forget it" approach to follow ups, but deliverability can/has been an issue. I wanted to see if there was a solution that allows me to do... Continue Reading →

Leads resulting in NEW contacts?

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Is there a way to track the new Accounts or Contacts that were CREATED from a lead? I.e. filtering out those that were merged with? Trying to show results of lead program that created new records in our dB. If they were already there, I don't want to see them. Thanks in advance! submitted by... Continue Reading →

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Salesforce Consulting Partner

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Implementing Salesforce solutions demands active engagement and technical expertise, which is why organisations look to an implementation partner. According to one report by CIO, 18-69% of CRM Implementation Projects fail due to data-quality issues, unaccountable project management, and unrealistic expectations. There are obvious considerations when… Read More The post 10 Tips for Choosing the Right... Continue Reading →

10 Free Ways to Monitor Your Salesforce Org

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Companies can spend millions on Salesforce and related services, such as sales and service enablement, optimizing processes, materials and technologies, and recruiting top talent – to only name a few! Companies are open to investing in Salesforce beyond the licenses because it positively impacts the… Read More The post 10 Free Ways to Monitor Your... Continue Reading →

Salesforce Lightning Flow Redirect

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See how Salesforce admins can customize the look and feel of their salesforce experience with flow builder without any code The post Salesforce Lightning Flow Redirect appeared first on Techforce Services.

Breaking: Sweeping CMS Measures


Increasing hospital capacity Normally, hospitals are required to administrate services in their own buildings. CMS is now allowing hospitals to provide services in additional locations, especially for patients requiring ventilators or intensive care. This is meant to support the temporary sites that are being built to ensure hospital systems don’t exceed capacity. Additionally, medicare coverage... Continue Reading →

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