Corrao Group Announces Partnership With Coastal Health USA

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Corrao Group has announced a strategic partnership with Coastal Health USA to provide visual insights into the cleanliness of your building’s high-touch points via Salesforce’s product. Corrao Group is leveraging Coastal Health USA’s extensive knowledge of Infection Control to allow companies visibility into the health of their building’s surfaces. According to Dr. Gregory Poland, “The problem is what we touch beforehand is often riddled with germs. This could include bathroom faucets, door handles, escalator rails, computer terminals, anything that is commonly touched by the public.”

Being a partner and customer of Salesforce since 2008, Corrao Group is developing a solution with an automated integration to to help companies get back to work safely. “We’ve partnered with Coastal Health USA because of their understanding to develop an Infection Control Plan for companies to reopen safely. Coastal Health USA and Corrao Group will allow companies to automate and visualize the results of their onsite swab audits and overall health of their facility. We are excited to integrate our solution into to help companies of all sizes,” said Jack Corrao, the Managing Partner of Corrao Group.  

Corrao Group is working with Coastal Health USA and 3M™ to move the cleanliness data from your surfaces to data into within minutes. Having real-time insight into the cleanliness of your facilities can help prevent infection spread to employees, and closure. The announcement of their product is expected to be released this quarter. 

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Corrao Group 

As everyday Salesforce power users, Corrao Group understands how flexible the Salesforce platform is to support every department of your business. Salesforce “off the shelf” is rarely tailored to your unique requirements. Corrao Group has helped numerous healthcare companies since 2010. They’ve worked with nearly 1,000 customers, implementing, customizing, and optimizing over 2,100 Salesforce projects. Since 2002, Corrao Group has been helping B2B organizations of all sizes successfully optimize their business processes with Salesforce. 

Coastal Health USA 

Coastal Health USA is located in San Diego and specializes in developing infection control plans with EPA and FDA regulated solutions for clinical, commercial, and public environments. Coastal Health USA’s SurfaceHealth™ ATP testing helps identify and reduce harmful bacteria and viruses living on high-touch surfaces like door handles, POS systems, handrails, and more. Coastal Health USA helps educate companies and employees through our comprehensive auditing and disinfecting solutions. Their goal is to provide protection and more comfort for companies, their employees, and their customers.

Author: Editorial Staff